Jennifer Hopper

Chief Information & Digital Officer

Save A Lot

Jennifer Hopper is a proven technology leader with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Jennifer leverages her experience to understand current climate and headwinds, create a compelling forward-looking vision, identify the critical aspects of business and technology strategies, optimize business processes, and empower teams to deliver results. Jennifer has had the opportunity to build new teams as well as develop and mentor existing team members, in an effort to lead global change initiatives across multiple business domains and drive market-specific transformation through locally relevant programs.

As Save A Lot’s Chief Information & Digital Officer, Jennifer focuses on leveraging technology to drive Retail Partner profitability and company revenue while maintaining a keen focus on the customer experience. Prior to joining Save A Lot, Jennifer served as Senior Vice President of Technology at Mastercard, where her experience with Mastercard Labs as a Service honed her design-thinking approach and empathy for finding and listening to the customer’s voice.  Jennifer graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology, where she then began her technology career at Accenture focused on serving customers through IT consulting.