Dr. Oliver Vogt

Director, Strategy & Transformation


Oliver is the Strategy and Transformation Director at Tesco, one of the largest retailers in the world, recently reporting sales of £61.5bn, employing over 330,000 people and trading in five countries.

Oliver has many years of experience in the Fulfilment, Distribution and Supply Chain space and his passion lies in the ecommerce aspect of customer fulfilment.  Grocery specifically – known for its huge complexities – always requires a customer first approach.  He focusses on creating future-proof business models, which balance automation with humans, and efficiency with safety and sustainability.  The customer experience stays ahead of everything.  Oliver played a leading role in Tesco’s Covid response, in which Tesco were able to double the size of their online business in just six weeks, responding to the crisis at pace, ensuring Tesco’s customers, especially their most vulnerable had access to groceries.

Oliver has previously held several leadership roles in Amazon in Fulfilment, Operations and Supply Chain.  He studied Economics and Business in Germany, his home country, and holds a PhD in Statistics.