Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

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Grocers need to innovate as quickly as shopper preferences change so they can deliver engaging experiences today and adapt quickly in the future. That’s why Toshiba is driven by a passion to ensure grocers can intelligently pick their direction, navigate opportunities, and accelerate forward with solutions that reimagine how they engage customers in new ways. From enhancing traditional checkout to new self-service and digital experiences, Toshiba empowers grocers to accelerate their technology and discover new solutions that enable them to deliver experiences that build loyalty with shoppers. 

We’re a global market share leader in retail store technology and retail’s first choice for unified commerce solutions. Together with a global team of dedicated business partners, we advance the future of retail with innovative commerce solutions that enhance customer engagement, transform in-store experiences, and accelerate digital transformation. To learn more, Visit Us and engage with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.