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Kard: Digital Advertising that measurably converts shoppers into customers. Let's face it: retail brand growth is a game of capturing more market share than your competition. Simple, right? As a merchant, you likely spend a lot of advertising dollars to drive KPIs like impressions, clicks, store visits, etc. But do you really know whether these KPIs lead to actual sales? And can you afford to take the chance that they don't? 

Introducing the Kard Network. A performance-based digital advertising platform that helps you to capture incremental market share by instantly rewarding shoppers when they buy from you. Through our growing network of leading card issuers in the US, we implement issuer branded cross-channel campaigns that engage shoppers at the most crucial point of their buying journey -- when they are ready to purchase. And in doing so, consistently deliver incremental revenue and measurably add market share to your bottom line.