Susan Anderson

VP, Global Head of Grocery & Retail


Susan Anderson is the Global Vice President for Grocery and Retail at Uber.

In her 7+ years at Uber, Susan has touched all aspects of the business, including launching Uber Eats in Australia, leading Mobility in APAC,driving strategy for Global Mobility and, most recently, leading Global Uber for Business and Business Development.

Grocery and Retail launched on Uber four years ago and we now sell grocery items in 33 countries across 6 continents. Uber is uniquely positioned to be the global leader in grocery and food delivery. As the largest food delivery platform outside of China, Uber leverages both its global and local expertise across its mobility and delivery businesses to be successful in helping the world get anything.

Leading Grocery and Retail, Susan is responsible for increasing regular monthly users and growing selection. Her team partner with merchants around the world to help them grow their customer base and get ahead of their competitors.

Before Uber, Susan held leadership roles at Amazon, Bain and Capital One and has worked across Europe, APAC and the US.