Groceryshop Tabletalk

Tabletalks are peer-group discussions for retailers and brands that take place over breakfast every morning. They are an awesome way to meet, network with and learn from your peers.

These interactive, 50-minute small group conversations address key challenges and opportunities in grocery and CPG. They bring together 5-8 participants from retailers and brands to share insights, address issues and generate actionable takeaways.

Groceryshop participants can attend up to two Tabletalks, selecting from seven pressing topics:

New Approaches to Customer Loyalty

Consumers are faced with more choices than ever, meaning companies must go beyond traditional loyalty programs to keep shoppers engaged. At this Tabletalk, brands and retailers will discuss best practices for customer retention, from new digital offerings to gamification and beyond.

Evaluate Emerging Retail Technologies

From microfulfillment centers to AI-based demand forecasting and shoppable video to the metaverse, grocery retailers and CPG brands have no shortage of new technologies or capabilities to explore. At this Tabletalk, brands and retailers will share their thoughts on these and other potentially game-changing technologies, as well as how they're evaluating, testing and scaling solutions.

Succeeding with Retail Media Networks

Retail Media Networks provide new opportunities for CPG brands and grocery retailers alike. Yet as relatively new offerings that fall outside of grocery retailers' traditional expertise, they remain in their infancy. At this Tabletalk, CPG brands will discuss their early learnings from exploring and working with Retail Media Networks as well as how they see this space maturing.

Creating Convenient Grocery Experiences

Today’s consumers are seeking convenience in every aspect of their shopping journey, from product discovery and basket building to pickup and delivery. At this Tabletalk, retailers and brands will discuss how the definition and proposition of convenience is evolving, and how new technologies and business models are enabling this transformation.

Adapting to Inflation and Other Economic Forces

Consumers are tightening their budgets amid surging food and energy prices and talks of a looming recession. At this Tabletalk, brands and retailers will discuss the impact the economy is having on the industry as well as the strategies, tactics and technologies they're putting in place to deliver value to shoppers while protecting their bottom line.

Best Practices for Building a Resilient Supply Chain

Grocery and CPG supply chains continue to be strained, with prolonged shortages in capacity, labor and ingredients among the challenges contributing to stockouts and higher costs of doing business. At this Tabletalk, brands and retailers will discuss the processes and technologies enabling them to create more resilient and adaptable supply chains.

Exceptional Physical Retail Experiences

The role of the grocery store is changing. To be successful, retailers must create enticing discovery opportunities, utilize technologies and services that remove friction from the buying experience, and connect their physical and digital offerings. This Tabletalk will focus on the innovations retailers are bringing to market to create exceptional physical shopping experiences.

Tabletalks are open to retail and brand attendees only and are separate from the Hosted Retailers & Brands Program