VoCoVo Inc.

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Used by Europe's leading grocers including Tesco, VoCoVo is a light, comfortable  all-in-one headset device for retail associates that offers a sophisticated alternative to 2-way radios or public address systems. With no reliance on WiFi,  VoCoVo creates a robust and secure in-store communication network to connect all associates with high quality full-duplex voice communication right across the store. 
Integrate with 2-way customer call points to enable customers to reach an associate in store with ease, ideal for B.O.P.I.S collection points and other unmanned areas of the store.  Further integration with telephony systems can offer associates a cost effective and easy way to manage in-coming customer calls to further improve customer experience. VoCoVo can even connect to smart technology in store, converting automated alerts from these IoT devices into voice messages. These are sent instantly to associates' headsets enabling them to quickly take the action needed, improving efficiencies even further.
An additional benefit of installing VoCoVo is the enhanced security it provides to associates and customers alike. Enabling all associates to contact one another discreetly and instantly in the face of a threat is not to be underestimated. Enhancing this with integration into public address systems, smart security cameras or door alarms to detect risks or theft takes the security benefits of VoCoVo to another level.