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Signifyd is a Commerce Protection Platform. We are embedded in retailers like Samsung, eBay, Walmart, and many others. That client network means for 98%+ of your checkout traffic, we've seen a specific shopper before and can use that scale to:

1) Maximize conversion - our merchant network data drives 5-7% higher conversion rates ("found money" within your existing traffic/marketing spend)

2) Automate order processing via no manual investigation - key to expedited fulfillment and any omnichannel/curbside initiatives.

3) Eliminate fraud and customer abuse (no chargebacks). We guarantee our decisions and pay for fraud on approved transactions.  We intelligently automate and manage disputes, eliminating shopper abuse / "friendly fraud" on behalf of our clients (the only solution to address both issues holistically).

Consequently, we are rated as the market leader by industry analysts and merchants alike. Omnichannel enterprise clients often find us most useful in order flow automation and zero chargeback fraud prevention for their BOPIS / BOPAC orders.