Rivercity Innovations

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Rivercity Innovations (RCI) is a world-class leader in cold chain IoT technology specializing in grocery store temperature monitoring and last mile delivery GPS solutions.

RCI’s Automated Temperature Monitoring System wirelessly collects temperature and humidity data and instantly displays it through easy-to-read charts and diagrams on our online dashboard. The solution uses easy-to-place sensors and long-range network communications to automatically monitor cold store equipment. Get alerts when a cooler temperature falls out of a set safety range or when a piece of refrigeration equipment is failing. Rivercity Innovations has deployed this solution in over 50 retail grocers and pharmacies to date. If you think you have a good enough solution, think again. With wireless temperature monitoring, your store could:

  • Detect cooler failures early and stay alerted outside regular hours of operations
  • Save employee time and eliminate manual processes
  • Improve safety compliance and receive automated reports direct to managements inbox
  • Save money by avoiding uninsured product loss and reduced food spoilage costs

RCI’s Last Mile Delivery solution wirelessly monitors temperature, humidity and location data and instantly displays it through our application to be viewed from anywhere. The solution uses small IoT devices and a long-range network to monitor cold chain logistics and track inventory location. Get alerts when a cold chain vessel temperature falls out of a set safety range or when a delivery goes off track. With our Last Mile Delivery solution, your company could:

  • Stay informed on temperature-sensitive products during the last mile
  • Manage location tracking and temperature monitoring in one system
  • Enhance the quality of your product and delivery service

For more information about our company and our offerings, please visit our website at rivercityinnovations.ca/