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We built Richpanel to help ecom stores deliver the best possible pre and post purchase experiences and beat Amazon at their own game. Richpanel customer support platform is now used by 1500+ ecommerce businesses daily. Brands like 310nutrition, Shethinx, Pawz have switched to Richpanel from Zendesk, Gorgias, Live Chat, Helpscout, Kustomer and other platforms to supercharge their customer support.


What can you do with Richpanel?

1. Resolve 40-60% of tickets, without ever reaching an agent

More than half of the support queries in an ecommerce business are repetitive. With Richpanel, you can design self-service flows to completely automate these tickets. Scale your customer service without hiring more agents.

2. Manage all your support channels from one place

Customers can contact you via chat, email, facebook, instagram, phone & SMS and you can respond to them from a single, beautiful dashboard.

3. Improve CSAT and NPS, with best mix of automation and agents

With Self-service and automation shortening resolution times to seconds, agents are better able to support complex issues