PackIt Fresh

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The PackIt Fresh mobile refrigeration solution creates efficiencies through every step of online grocery order fulfillment.

The concept is super simple. Our patented, EcoFreeze technology is built into every PackIt Fresh tote. EcoFreeze technology allows totes to collapse and freeze in just 12 hours. The walls of every PackIt Fresh tote will maintain food-safe temperatures for up to 15 hours - without ever needing ice or gel packs! This means orders are kept at temperature throughout the picking process, ensuring the ultimate in food freshness.

Frozen, refrigerated and ambient order items can be staged together in an ambient location. This greatly reduces the time spent gathering order items, thereby reducing labor costs and minimizing customer wait times. Totes are then ready for customer pick- up or delivery. It really is that simple!

PackIt Fresh totes are a low-cost, reusable solution that can be integrated into any existing online fulfillment strategy. Orders can be picked from store, dark store, or MFCs directly into PackIt Fresh totes.

PackIt Fresh allows companies to scale to meet online grocery orders quickly and profitably, without the need for high-cost investments in refrigerated staging areas and reefer trucks. Finally, a simple solution to not only meet demand, but also increase order volume.