Oriient IndoorGPS

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Oriient IndoorGPS provides hassle-free indoor positioning, without hardware: no Wi-Fi, no beacons!
Based on groundbreaking geomagnetism technology, Oriient brings stores a convenient wayfinding experience for customers, with highly accurate navigation on their own smartphones, and enables retailers to improve their service and operations.

The solution allows to extend the digital experience into the store itself, reaching the shopper at the exact place and time for the purchase decision.
In-store navigation leads to recovery of lost revenues due to unfound products, and creates a fun and engaging shopping experience that increases loyalty.
At the same time - full visibility into the shopper journey helps to better understand traffic flow and creates novel ways of connecting with the shopper where it matters the most.

For the first time, it's easy to deploy and scale indoor positioning - without installing anything and simply by integrating Oriient SDK into your mobile app!

An overview video with examples of a few applications: https://youtu.be/D9I3HYmjEq4