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Movista is a global leader in retail execution and workforce management solutions for top grocers, suppliers and distributors like KeHE, Jacent, Tree of Life and Lindt & Sprüngli. We believe the future of retail work is radically transparent and collaborative. As the world’s first and only SaaS platform to enable collaboration between retailers, brands, service providers, and distributors, we are transforming the execution of all work and engagement by all teams in the retail ecosystem. Through our all-in-one platform, in-store and embedded teams can streamline work and improve on-shelf availability – cutting costs and lifting revenue simultaneously for all retail stakeholders.

The Movista platform integrates or replaces a multitude of disparate systems into a single, user-friendly, mobile interface. Behind the simple end-user experience is a robust workforce management platform that encompasses time keeping, expense tracking, task assignments, project management, file sharing, training, ordering, returns, routing, mileage and much more.

Our platform has enabled our world-class CPG, retailer, service provider, and distributor clients to:

      - Increase task completion to 99.5% with mobile tasking

      - Lift compliance scores by 17% after GPS and timestamp validation

      - Increase store visits by 33% from real-time and intuitive reporting


With Movista, you will realize improved operational efficiency, performance and accountability – all within a single system that provides visibility to your business in a way you haven’t had access to before.