Grocery Shopii

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Launched in May 2020, Grocery Shopii is a simple, subscription-based integrative solution for small and mid-sized grocers. By offering meal-planning options alongside the shopping journey, Grocery Shopii empowers small grocers to compete with supermarkets and other big retailers. It also inspires families to cook and eat healthier, saving them time and effort along the way. Founded by digital marketer and working mom Katie Hotze as a direct response to Hotze’s own dissatisfaction with online grocery shopping, Grocery Shopii provides real solutions for busy families seeking to integrate meal planning into the shopping experience. Grocery Shopii combats cart abandonment with machine learning, using recipes and thoughtful automation to expedite meal planning and online grocery shopping to five minutes or less. Grocery Shopii is totally free to shoppers. For more information on Grocery Shopii and its upcoming expansions, visit