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Built by former Target Cartwheel founders, merchants and Roundel members, DIGITS sets the bar for retail media agencies. We aren't just software or a former Amazon agency...we are true omnichannel retail media pioneers who drive growth for you.

For brands, we run always-on integrated full-flywheel, geolocated programs that drive sales both digitally and through physical registers.  We operate in step with your retailer sales and shopper teams to drive localized results across digital shelf, paid search, organic search, 1P media, 3P media, digital coupons, etc.  We integrate the tactics with 1 localized retailer dashboard. Being former Cartwheel and Roundel members, our homebase is Target, but we operate at many retailers.  Clients range from the biggest CPGs in the world to startups.

For retailers, we are an in house retail media team, building and operating strategy on ecommerce, digital coupons, paid search, onsite media & off-site media.  We are building the future of Retail Media for regional grocers by aggregating processes, sales, and programming that delivers higher capabilities than grocers can deliver themselves.  DIGITS already has a network in play, working with multiple regional grocery store chains.