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ChaseDesign is a human centered retail growth firm. We translate how and why people buy into more persuasive retail selling experiences, to deliver incremental revenue…at full price. Whether in-store or online, our unique design approach orchestrates purchase behaviors that build category and brand growth that's incremental, and sustainable.

We have deep expertise in four areas:

  • Retail Design: We orchestrate more profitable shopper behaviors in key categories, departments, or across total store design
  • B2B Experience Design: We develop and design custom B2B selling environments to create a shared vision for growth with key business customers. This includes full innovation centers, mobile selling tours, trade shows, and on-site experiences.
  • Packaging Design: We develop packaging with a shelf-back approach, with the shopper and full retail context in mind
  • Product Design: We develop innovative new products and hold over 350 patents by using our human-centered design approach