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Cardlytics powers the advertising and rewards programs within traditional banking channels, as well as Neobanks, which gives us exclusive access to $3.5T in purchase data for more than 171M account holders.  We use this Purchase Intelligenceâ„¢ to influence and change consumer behavior through in-bank advertising, which, in turn, drives incremental sales in-store, at-pump, and online for our client ---with a guaranteed return that exceeds your investment, no risk or wasted marketing dollars, and requires minimal effort to achieve significant results.  In addition to the incremental sales we drive with each campaign, our partnership can provide insights to help inform your overall company strategy through our view into real spend. 

Our brand partners see the purchases made within their walls, while Cardlytics can see 55% of all card usage EVERYWHERE.  Having that much data at your fingertips is powerful stuff and knowing how to use it is our superpower.