Alert Innovation

Level 3 Sponsor

 Alert Innovation is a trusted leader in e-grocery order fulfillment automation with a larger mission to transform retail. Founded in 2013 by John Lert, the company secured funding in 2016 and by Spring 2019 commissioned the revolutionary Alphabot® micro-fulfillment center at the Walmart® Supercenter in Salem, NH.  Alert Innovation is currently scaling the business to meet the extraordinary demand for its Alphabot e-grocery order fulfillment automation system.

Alert Innovation makes e-grocery profitable for retailers while simultaneously creating a better experience for shoppers. This includes meeting the ever-changing shopper expectations for immediacy, order accuracy and endless-aisle product assortment. Beyond Alphabot, Alert Innovation is bringing John’s 25-year Novastore™ concept to reality to deliver a quantum improvement in both customer experience and store operating economics.