2019 Speakers

Adam Stave, Co-Founder

Adam Stave

Co-Founder, BrandChat

Adam Stave is a co-founder of Brandchat, a Conversational Management Platform. In creating Brandchat, Adam and co-founder Magnus Erhardt offer brands a new and smarter approach to shopper engagement, relationship building and activation as well as ways to discover new audiences more effectively than other digital prospecting tools.

In parallel, Adam serves as VP of Strategy and Innovation at Brandshare, a shopper activation company with deep roots in sampling and brand experience.

Mr. Stave brings over 15 years of experience in marketing, sales, consumer lifecycle and emerging technology to his current role and has worked in a variety of leadership positions within global companies. At Triad Retail Media, he led a national team which developed onsite native media solutions in partnership with leading retailers. During his time at eBay Inc., Mr. Stave served in a variety of cross-company roles in collaboration with eBay Advertising, embay enterprise and PayPal with the goal of bringing consumers to life through consumer segmentation, actionable insights, connected devices, omni-channel experience and in-store technology. At Avanade, Mr. Stave served in a Digital Transformation strategy role working in partnership with both Microsoft and Accenture, improving experience everywhere that people work, live and play.

One strong constant throughout his career has been a passion to spark digital transformation built upon three key pillars – Actionable Data, Simpler Devices and Discovery. Adam has excelled by holding a keen focus on customer experience, personalization, and an understanding that every marketer faces challenges both unique to their brand as well as inherent to the retail industry.

Adam lives in Brooklyn NY where he volunteers his time with several community organizations, explores restaurants, hides his dog’s toys and escapes to the Adirondacks as often as possible. @adamandbandit