Sofia Laurell

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Tiny Organics

Sofia Laurell is the Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Tiny Organics, early childhood nutrition, and wellness company that introduces babies and toddlers to their first 100 flavors via organic, plant-based, fresh-frozen meals. 

Born and raised in Finland, Sofia has been passionate about advocating for women and children. Prior to Tiny, Sofia spent her career launching and building brands. She is an integrated marketing veteran with decades of experience. Prior to Tiny Organics, Sofia supported the corporate growth at Ascend Foundation, helping elevate women and minorities onto U.S. corporate boards and creating a pipeline of women and minorities to achieve the highest levels of leadership at Fortune 500 corporations. Sofia also serves on the Tufts School of Nutrition Innovation Council, and is a frequent speaker and regular contributor to Entrepreneur. She has been featured in Forbes, Crunchbase, TechCrunch, and more on topics of D2C loyalty and non-traditional paths to building companies.