Shambavi Sivaramakrishnan

Global Head, Commercial Marketing Programs


Shambavi is currently the Global Director of Commercial Marketing Programs, AB InBev, where she is leading a multi-disciplinary team that drives AB InBev’s strategy and analytics across marketing, and commercial. Before that, she was the Global Director of the analytics group of Zx Ventures, a venture capital arm of Anheuser Busch, with a $1B AUM, where she was guiding leadership on data-driven investment decisions, portfolio health, and scaling ventures from early stage to growth stage using analytics.

In addition, Shambavi has over 9 years of agency and media experience and has advised over 20+ clients across several sectors on maximizing revenue through marketing strategies. This unique mix of marketing, technology, digital, omnichannel, agency, and leadership experience across industries globally has given Shambavi a unique perspective to help organizations grow, innovate, transform, and thrive.  

Shambavi received his bachelor’s in engineering from Anna University, Chennai, India, and her MBA from the University of Rochester, NY.