Philip Stanger

Co-Founder & CEO


Philip is Co-Founder and CEO of Olyns, a company that utilizes cutting edge IoT technology to deliver a new paradigm for scalable consumer recycling. Olyns leverages a novel business model to provide consumers with convenience and incentives, host locations with an enhanced sustainability profile and revenue opportunities, and the environment with a genuine and scalable recycling model that can redirect millions of tons of plastic and aluminum from landfill into new products.

Olyns is currently partnered with PepsiCo and Safeway, and is successfully building a network of recycling machines in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Philip has 20 years of experience founding and scaling successful technology companies. Apple took an interest in Philip’s last start-up, Wifarer, a pioneer and leader in indoor positioning technologies, after which Philip spent several years at Apple developing and scaling products globally. 

Prior to founding Olyns in 2019, Philip was Entrepreneur in Residence at Vanedge Capital, Canada’s pre-eminent venture capital firm. .

Philip volunteers as a mentor at the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale, helps protect his California community from wildfire, and loves to explore the Santa Cruz mountains and beaches with his dog Lando.  His wife says he’s car obsessed.

Philip holds a Bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and a Master’s degree from Yale.