Luis Vera



Luis is an industrial engineer and a serial entrepreneur with more than thirty years of experience in the retail space. He is from the first generation of Endeavor entrepreneurs.

He has deep knowledge about the inefficiencies of the bricks and mortar stores which have worked mainly by trial and error when planning layouts and merchandising their products.

Due to his expertise, he has positioned himself as a speaker on topics related to technology applied to retail.

Luis is aware retailers are one of the few industries that do not have structured data at the point where the sale is generated, and that is what he seeks to change with Zippedi.

Currently, Vera leads Zippedi, a company that captures store data using a robot and, thanks to artificial intelligence models, converts unstructured data into structured data, creating the digital twin of the store.

Vera's vision is that each retailer operates with a digital twin, a powerful tool that will allow them to handle stock-outs, manage assortments, errors of implementation, and much more.