Graham Hogg

Co-Founder & CEO


Graham is the foremost authority on Sales AI, an industry leader with more than 10 years of commercial experience. He caters to a who-is-who of companies, amplifying their sales teams. He utilizes groundbreaking ways of making insights more actionable for everyone in the CPG ecosystem – from brand managers to retail facing sales teams.

As a keynote speaker, Graham will share his invaluable expertise in putting context first when working with AI. Graham can speak to identifying patterns in the way teams think, act, and succeed with AI as a ‘teammate”. He can analyze how to leverage generative AI to transform organizations. Graham can present how a ground-breaking AI tool unlocks unprecedented levels of customer engagement, helping teams break through writer’s block quickly and effortlessly when crafting sales narratives.

Graham is the CEO & Founder at see6 and has authored the award-winning "Seeing Around Corners" a book that explores how AI and insights can work together to take teams to the next level. “We do not believe that you will be replaced by AI. We believe that you will be replaced by someone using AI”, Graham Hogg.