Emily Schildt

Founder & CEO

Pop Up Grocer

Emily Schildt is the Founder & CEO of Pop Up Grocer, and a four-time entrepreneur and award-winning brand marketer who specializes in storytelling through content and live experiences. In her early career, as the Director of Digital Engagement, Emily played an integral role in catapulting Chobani from a $200 million startup to a $1 billion, much-loved household name. Under the creation of her brand consultancy Sourdough, Emily contributed to the creation of countless successful new brands like Lavva, Ugly, and Seedible. And in the past three years, Emily has moved Pop Up Grocer from idea to multimillion-dollar company as its sole founder, leader, and operator. Her work and company has been featured in Fast Company, Fortune, AdWeek, Time, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Bon Appetit.