David Marcotte

SVP Cross-Border, Cross-Industry & Technology


David Marcotte is the Kantar SVP for global insight and technology for the past 14 years. He is a 4th generation retailer who has responsibility for managing and delivering the knowledge environment for International Retailers and their diverse markets, Technology and Big Data, Retail Processes, and the Future.  He is a distribution industry expert on issues of complex systems and management, cross-industry process consulting, experience, consumer finance, financial technology, store operations, and eCommerce.   His expertise and knowledge is shaped by over twenty years of experience in the retail industry along with ten years in IBM as the global lead for complex solutions in the Retail, Manufacturing, Government, and Transportation (RMGT). 

Prior to 1997 David was in retail in the US and Canada. As with most executives in retail he worked his way up from the shop floor to management in food service, convenience, drug, and grocery channels being responsible for Store Operations, Pricing, Procurement, Loss Prevention, Management Training, and Merchandising. He served at the industry level as part of the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) group specifically to the standards and process for category management and supply management. During this time, he was also a contributor to the American Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) group for POS and extended that role within IBM for the Data Model groups within the same organization.