Cameron McCarthy

Co-Founder & CEO


Cameron McCarthy is currently the CEO and Co-founder of WeStock. A Techstars backed company that makes it easy for shoppers to vote for products they want to see in stores. The company has continued to grow since launching in 2019 and now has over 400 brands and 70,000 shoppers using the platform. They are now rolling out into retail, putting together product sets that are fully curated by the shoppers in the area. This process is called crowdstocking and the company plans to be in five regions by the end of the year. 

Cameron was previously the sales director for Delighted By Hummus, where he grew the brand to over 7,000 retail locations including Target, Costco, and Aldi. Cameron has worked both on the distribution and brand side prior to starting WeStock, accounting for over $50M in retail sales.

Cameron has a deep passion for emerging brands and what the future of retail will look like which he discusses weekly on The Shelf-Made Podcast.