Amii Lang

Head of eCommerce & Loyalty

Heinen's Grocery Store

Amii Lang joined Heinen’s Grocery Store in February 2017 as CRM Director. She has been leading eCommerce and Loyalty since June of 2019.  In her time at Heinen’s, she has implemented a new journey-focused approach to the Tasteful Rewards Loyalty program, centered in personalization of offers and content.  These programs continue to grow, with the introduction this year of personalized ad email content and targeted on-site product collections and content. 

Lang has also focused throughout her time with Heinen’s on pricing and promotion strategy, data health initiatives, voice of the customer expansion, and the importance of a test and learn approach to a continuous improvement strategy.  In 2020, Lang was instrumental in the launch of an integrated solution, bringing together Heinen’s rich content and an enhanced shopping experience.

More recently, Lang has been spearheading a data governance initiative for Heinen’s.