Alex Kinnier

Co-Founder & CEO


Alex is an ardent technologist, product developer, entrepreneur, and investor who has spent 20 years developing products that have transformed industries.

As co-founder and CEO of Upside, Alex is working to personalize brick-and-mortar commerce to help communities thrive. The GetUpside team has helped earn hundreds of millions of dollars in profit for merchants and cash back for users.

Prior to Upside, Alex served on Opower’s executive team (acquired by Oracle) as the Senior VP of Product & Engineering. There he led the company’s product development teams, including engineering, product management, user experience, services, and analytics.

As an investor, Alex has served as a Partner at Khosla Ventures, NEA, and now at Builders VC. Some of his investments include Climate Corporation (acquired by Monsanto) and Skybox (acquired by Google).

As a product manager, Alex began his career making big impacts at Google, and before that at Procter & Gamble. At Google, Alex built the agency display advertising team, created Google’s next generation third party serving and targeting system, and also led Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick. At Procter & Gamble, Alex worked in brand management and product development roles, leading the development and launch of three never-before-seen products.

Alex holds an M.B.A. with distinction from Harvard Business School and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with honors from Lehigh University.