Benjamin Witte, Founder & CEO

Benjamin Witte

Founder & CEO, Recess

Founded by Benjamin Witte, Recess is the accumulation of years of brand incubating and investing expertise and personal self-discovery. While working at Life Capital, Witte began to experiment with CBD, as he has always been hyper, wired and overwhelmed with the stresses of everyday life. CBD (oil) helped Witte feel more balanced, creative, happier and productive - but he had a problem with the delivery method...placing the product under the tongue simply wasn’t the most delightful experience. Witte also realized that he wasn’t the only person faced with a constant feeling of angst...the use of CBD was on the rise and growing at an exponential pace. There was an incredible opportunity to bring CBD into new formats, with beverage serving as the largest market that already came with an engrained functional education.

Recess is a consumer wellness company creating CBD infused functional beverages and nutraceutical products to help people feel balanced in an increasingly stressful world. A line of flavored sparkling water infused with hemp extract (CBD), and balanced with adaptogens Ginseng, Schisandra and L-theanine.  

Guilt free. Low sugar and low calories No artificial sweeteners 

Flavors from all natural ingredient