Groceryshop offers a variety of networking programs designed to ignite ​onsite ​conversations and connections among Groceryshop’s community of 3,000+ attendees.

Hosted Retailers & Brands Program:

Qualified Retailers & Brands Get Free Groceryshop Tickets & Up To $750 Travel/Hotel Reimbursement

Groceryshop’s Hosted Retailers & Brands Program provides complimentary Groceryshop tickets and a travel/hotel allowance of up to $750 for qualifying individuals from retailers and brands.

To qualify, you must be responsible for buying or evaluating retail or ecommerce technology for your organization and take up to eight (8) 15-minute onsite meetings with our participating sponsors. Meetings are based on a combined opt-in and opt-out process so that they’re useful for you and our sponsors.

Your eight (8) 15-minute meetings (total of up to only two hours) will be held during dedicated hours on Monday and Tuesday, September 20-21, of the event. Your final schedule will be sent to you prior to the event. You will not need to miss any agenda sessions for these meetings.

The reimbursement of up to $750 in travel/hotel expenses is based on receipts which must be submitted electronically following the event.

Retailers & Brands Networking Dinners

Groceryshop's Retailers & Brands Networking Dinners are a series of invitation-only sponsored dinners. These dinners take place at high-end Las Vegas restaurants and bring together groups of approximately 15-20 individuals from retailers and brands. While Retailers & Brands Networking Dinners are sponsored, each dinner is facilitated by an independent, respected industry executive—a Groceryshop Ambassador.

Retailers & Brands Networking Dinners are scheduled in advance and require participants to be registered Groceryshop attendees and to have accepted calendar invites.

These dinners are only for retailers and brands. If you’re a retailer or brand and are interested in joining, click the button below to learn more and request an invitation to a Retailers & Brands Networking Dinner. Retailers & Brands Networking Dinners will be subject to change based on ongoing COVID-19 safety protocols.


Tabletalks are interactive peer-to-peer roundtables designed to enable learning by bringing together small groups of retailers and brands to share insights, discuss issues and yield actionable takeaways that help drive their businesses forward. Each Tabletalk is thematically based, and centered around the industry’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

Tabletalks are only open to qualifying retailers and brands and invitations to join will be sent to qualifying individuals immediately before the start of the event.